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Selected Publications
5. In-situ and wavelength-dependent photocatalytic strain evolution of a single Au nanoparticle on a TiO2 film.
Nature Communications, 2024, 15, 5416

S. Park, S. Kim, J. Park, S Kim, W. Cha, J. Lee*

4. Biporous silica nanostructure-induced nanovortex in microfluidics for nucleic acid enrichment, isolation, and PCR-free detection.
Nature Communications 2024, 15, 1366
E. Jeon†, B. Koo†, S. Kim†, J. Kim, T, Kang, S. K. Kim, R. Kwak*, Y, Shin*, J. Lee*
3. A Local Water Molecular-heating Strategy for Near-infrared Long-lifetime Imaging-guided Photothermal Therapy of Glioblastoma.
Nature Communications 2023, 14, 2755 

D. Kang†, H. S. Kim†, S. Han, Y. Lee, Y. Kim, D. Y. Lee*, J. Lee*

2. Catalyst Droplet-based Puncturable Nanostructured Membrane for Mechano-Bactericidal Effect on Bioaerosols
Advanced Functional Materials 2023, 33. 2213650 
I. Lee, J. Kim, R. Kwak, J. Lee*
1. Silica Nanodepletors: Targeting and Clearing Alzheimer's β‐Amyloid Plaques
Advanced Functional Materials 2020, 30, 1910475 
H. J. Jung†, Y. J. Chung†, R. Wilton†, C. H. Lee†, B. I. Lee, H. Lee, J. Im, J. Choi, H. Kang, E. A. Rozhkova*, C. B. Park*, J. Lee*
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